2012: Guns Sold Increased in 48 of 50 States

2012: Guns Sold Increased in 48 of 50 States

Those who oppose the Second Amendment and want to confiscate Americans’ guns may want to ponder this simple statistic: in 48 of the 50 states in the United States, in the year 2012, the number of individuals purchasing guns increased. Not only that, but in December every state recorded an increase in their number of background checks.

The only two states that showed a decline in 2012 were Utah, which plunged 77.4%, and Iowa, which went down 17.9%. But even those statistics didn’t matter much; nationally, the number of background checks for the year rose 19.1%.

Ironically, two blue states and the most liberal district in the country led the way in the increase of background checks in 2012. Washington D.C. rose 49.7%, Wisconsin grew 45.4% and New Jersey climbed 42.5%.

Gun sales jumped dramatically after the Sandy Hook massacre: the top five increases in December were Georgia at 66.3%, Oregon, 63.1%, New Hampshire, 60.7%, Texas, 60.2%, and Montana, 58.3%.

Whatever fantasy world anti-gun advocates inhabit where no one owns a gun is not a world most Americans envision as a reality.


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