Three Home Invasions Stopped Because of Guns

Three Home Invasions Stopped Because of Guns

The following are three stories about armed citizens protecting themselves and property against burglars. In one case a man stopped two men from robbing his neighbor.

In Jacksonville, Florida a man heard a knock at the door, but did not recognize the individual and decided not to answer the door. While he was returning to his business he saw a shadow move past his daughter’s bedroom window and then heard someone breaking a window in the back of the house. He aimed his guns, a .9mm and a .38, and shot at the suspect. This man was not the same one at the door.

A homeowner in Michigan City, Indiana pulled his gun on two men when they broke into his house. He shot both, but one was able to get away. He held the other one at knife point until the police arrived. The police found the other suspect hiding in a house a few blocks away.

Two men broke into a home in San Antonio, Texas and took out the TV. The victim’s neighbor saw the burglars with it and confronted them with his shotgun. Once the burglars saw the gun they dropped the TV and ran.

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