Progressive Radical Record of Labor Nominee Tom Perez

Progressive Radical Record of Labor Nominee Tom Perez

President Obama has nominated Thomas E. Perez for Secretary of Labor. Perez is a radical progressive who is currently the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights in President Obama’s Justice Department. Perez has amassed a record demonstrating contempt for the rule of law, hostility toward the private sector and an aversion to telling the truth under oath.

If confirmed, Perez would be the most radical cabinet Secretary since Henry Wallace headed the Department of Agriculture for President Roosevelt. 

If the GOP Senators cannot stop Tom Perez, they cannot stop anyone.

Perez’s record provides ample basis for 41 Senators to send the White House a letter saying the nomination should be withdrawn. 

Perez launched a series of harassing court fights against peaceful pro-life clinic protesters.  The Justice Department accused the protesters of blocking clinic access but federal courts characterized the cases as bogus. In fact, a federal court in Florida found Perez’s lawyers had absolutely no evidence to substantiate their charges and sanctioned Perez’s lawyers $120,000 in costs.

Perez was dishonest under oath about what he knew about racialist rot inside the Justice Department. Perez testified under oath in May of 2010, and thereafter before Congress, that he was totally unaware of a problem among Justice Department staff that they opposed civil rights cases to protect white victims from black defendants. I experienced this attitude repeatedly when I was a Justice Department attorney. The report by the Inspector General documents this pervasive attitude inside Justice–that laws are only meant to protect black victims from white defendants in cases like the voter intimidation lawsuit I brought against the New Black Panther Party. The IG report (link) demonstrates that even Perez doesn’t think the Voting Rights Act should be used to protect white victims of discrimination.

It turns out Perez holds this attitude himself according to the Inspector General, an attitude he said under oath didn’t exist inside DOJ.

Perez has twisted the rule of law to bring a lawsuit against Mowhawk Central School District in New York to ensure 8th grade students can dress in drag. The lawsuit perverted protections for women against gender discrimination and rewrote federal law to include “gender identity perception.” Thus, the school was forced to allow male children to dress in mini-skirts, stilettos and pink wigs.

Perez waged war against voter photo identification laws. In South Carolina, he overruled career Voting Section lawyers who recommended that South Carolina Voter ID be “precleared” under the Voting Rights Act.  

Instead, Perez wanted a fight to stoke up President Obama’s base before the 2012 election and ordered that the law be blocked (a federal power currently challenged in the Supreme Court case of Shelby v. Holder). South Carolina eventually beat Perez in federal court, but not before the taxpayers of South Carolina were forced to spend $3,500,000 in legal fees.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has demanded the internal memo from the DOJ, but they won’t produce it.  Perez should not be confirmed until it is produced.

Perez has attacked states like Alabama, Arizona and South Carolina over state immigration laws. His radical opposition is consistent with his prior work at Casa de Maryland, a radical Hugo Chavez funded organization which facilitates criminal immigration. They train illegal aliens how to avoid capture. 

Perez has defiantly ignored the Supreme Court by continuing to advance racial hiring preferences. He has sued the New York City Fire Department to force them to hire black applicants who failed the employment tests even if white applicants passed the test. He has also forced Dayton, Ohio’s, police to do the same thing.  Applicants “of color” who failed the test must be hired if too many whites pass. 

Perez has attacked business using the same rotted disparate impact theory, including banks for not lending enough money to “people of color.” These are precisely the same sort of abuses which led to the financial crisis in 2008. But Perez doesn’t care. He probably doesn’t even understand the mortgage lending crisis because he is obsessed with racial redistribution.

Perez also blocked the release of a new version of an Amazon Kindle because the button to make it talk was not in Braille. Never mind that books don’t talk at all. He also was behind the threats to delay pool openings all over the nation for any pool that did not install a chair lift costing many thousands of dollars. 

Perez is behind the Justice Department’s refusal to enforce the National Voter Registration Act’s requirement that voter rolls be cleaned up of dead and ineligible voters. His Civil Rights Division has ignored hate crimes such as the racially motivated beatings at the Wisconsin state fair, largely because Perez’s worldview doesn’t cherish the American tradition of equal enforcement of the law.

This is an abbreviated list of Perez’s misdeed which render him unqualified to serve in any government position, much less as Secretary of Labor. My book Injustice has much more.

Senator David Vitter of Louisiana has already vowed to block Perez because of Justice’s heavy handed attack on Louisiana to inflate voting rolls with welfare recipients done at the behest of  the NAACP. Perez’s Civil Rights Division also brought charges against New Orleans polices officers in a case that saw multiple DOJ attorneys commit perjury about their anonymous online blogging campaign during the trial.   

Senators from South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas and Arizona have ample reason to oppose Perez because of abuses he unleashed on their states.

To divert attention from the nomination of a radical, the White House has predictably played the race card.  Spokesman Dan Pfeiffer reflexively attributed opposition to Perez to opposition to Latinos.

But opposition to Perez is about the content of his career, not the color of his skin. The Perez nomination provides Republicans an opportunity to demonstrate they aren’t afraid of Pfeiffer’s racial bullying. They can also show the rank and file they still know how to fight for principles like the rule of law and equal protection.


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