Dallas DA Encourages Prosecutors to Carry Handguns

Dallas DA Encourages Prosecutors to Carry Handguns

In the wake of the tragic murders of two prosecutors, and one’s spouse, in Kaufman County, Texas, county courthouses across Texas are promising beefed up security. While these plans will certainly include more armed guards, the District Attorney in Dallas County is advising its prosecutors to take their own steps for personal protection. “We encourage our prosecutors to have a security handgun license, as long as they do it within the letter of the law,” a DA spokeswoman told local CBS News. 

Mike McLelland, the murdered DA of Kaufman County himself carried a firearm with him when he was outside his home or office. Currently, only police officers are allowed to carry firearms inside courthouses. McLelland told Breitbart News, in an interview conducted a few weeks ago, that he was working with TX state Rep. Lance Gooden on legislation to give prosecutors the same privileges as other law enforcement officers. 

We need to be just like other law enforcement officers,” McLelland said. “We need to be allowed to open carry our sidearms.”

One’s support of gun control is directly related to one’s proximity to a personal threat. Restricting the availability of guns for personal protections is only popular if one believes there is no real threat of violence. Relying on police alone for protection, however, is untenable when one is at personal risk. 

The Dallas DA’s advice to its employees to carry handguns is a good reminder that, when personal safety is threatened, armed individuals are an important part of any security response. 

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