Rasmussen: Voters Beginning to Turn Against Obama Admin

Rasmussen: Voters Beginning to Turn Against Obama Admin

According to Rasmussen Reports, although Barack Obama’s approval ratings are remaining steady, the scandals around the White House are beginning to shift the American public’s attitude toward the Obama Administration. Obama’s personal approval is at 47%, roughly the same as they were during his first term, but there are other numbers that show a growing disaffection, such as:

  1. 39% of those polled think that the IRS targeting of conservative groups was prompted by someone at the White House; as opposed to 26% who believe it came from the IRS itself and 20% who think some low-level IRS employees. And only 19% of those polled believe that the IRS normally goes after presidents’ opponents.
  2. 60% think that other parts of the Obama Administration were employed to target the conservative groups, Two-thirds of independent voters agree.
  3. Before the scandals became news, 8% more of voters felt that the Democrats were trusted more on ethics and dealing with corruption; now the GOP leads by 2%. Among independents, it was even before the scandals; now the GOP leads by 23%.
  4. Obama’s national security numbers have plunged 7% in the last week.


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