McCaskill Endorses Hillary for 2016

McCaskill Endorses Hillary for 2016

Never doubt for a moment that the Democrats will close ranks when a presidential election is in the foreseeable future. Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri (D), whose support for Barack Obama in the 2008 Missouri primary helped him barely win a bitter fight with Hillary Clinton, has suddenly thrown her support behind the super PAC Ready for Hillary. She is the first active member of Congress to publicly endorse Clinton.

McCaskill stated:

In 2008, I was an early supporter of then-Senator Obama’s campaign. I worked my heart out to elect him president. Now as I look at 2016 and think about who is best to lead this country forward, I’m proud to announce that I am Ready for Hillary. Hillary Clinton had to give up her political operation while she was making us proud, representing us around the world as an incredible secretary of state, and that’s why Ready for Hillary is so critical. It’s important that we start early, building a grass-roots army from the ground up, and effectively using the tools of the Internet — all things that President Obama did so successfully — so that if Hillary does decide to run, we’ll be ready to help her win.

Ready for Hillary has already garnered the support of Clintonites James Carville, Harold Ickes, former Representative Ellen Tauscher, and Susie Tompkins Buell, the multimillionaire co-founder of Esprit clothing.

No doubt Hillary will forgive, if not forget.