GOP House Member Says Impossible to Fully Secure Border

GOP House Member Says Impossible to Fully Secure Border

Rep. John Carter (R-TX), who is working with four Democrats and two other Republicans to draft a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill in the House, said he believed it was impossible to fully secure the border.

According to The Hill, Carter said, “Anybody that thinks you can totally secure the Southern border has never been to the Southern border.” He explained, “I’ve been down there all my life, and I’m telling you, you can have a 40-foot wall and put machine guns on it, and you can’t secure the Southern border. There’s too much wild country.”

The Senate passed its immigration bill on Thursday by a vote of 68-32, but amendments that called for tougher border security failed. 

For instance, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) had an amendment that would have mandated 100% surveillance and a 90% apprehension rate, but it did not pass.

Carter said the House bill would have border security triggers but provided no details.

“Certain triggers have to be met is all I’m going to say,” he said. “You’ll see. We’re almost there.”


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