Mark Levin: Bush Admin. Officials Attack Palin Because They Favor Big Gov't

Mark Levin: Bush Admin. Officials Attack Palin Because They Favor Big Gov't

On Monday, conservative talk radio host Mark Levin said former officials in the George W. Bush administration attack Sarah Palin because they favor expanding government.

“Sarah Palin has spoken out effectively, articulately, with great knowledge and confidence,” Levin said, “about the destruction of this federal goliath.”

He then noted that when Palin speaks out against crony capitalism and the permanent political class, she comes under “personal, vicious, brutal attack,” not just by Democrats but by Republicans as well.

He said many of the Republicans who attack Palin worked in the Bush administration and disagree not only with her, but with “you and me” when it comes to perpetrating “statism.”  

Levin said the Bush administration’s record was one of “profligate spending” and a “massive expansion of government.”

“In no respect did they reverse course to try and reestablish constitutionalism,” Levin said. 

The Tea Party, in part, formed against the policies of the Bush administration–like No Child Left Behind, the prescription drug benefit, and TARP. Karl Rove, Peter Wehner, Nicole Wallace, and Sara Taylor Fagen are examples of  former Bush administration members who have gone after Palin.

Palin, with her landmark 2011 speech in Indianola, Iowa, injected “crony capitalism” into the political bloodstream, which has put pressure on politicians in D.C. to combat it. Levin implied this is precisely what the former Bush administration officials who are in favor of expanding government do not want. 


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