Spike Lee's 2012 Incorrect Zimmerman Address Tweet Haunts Elderly Couple

Spike Lee's 2012 Incorrect Zimmerman Address Tweet Haunts Elderly Couple

Local Florida outlets are reporting an old tweet from film director Spike Lee is making the rounds again and is causing an elderly Florida couple with no connection to the George Zimmerman trial great distress.

At the height of the protests in 2012 in response to the Trayvon Martin shooting, Lee re-tweeted to hundreds of thousands of followers a Sanford, FL address he believed to belong to Zimmerman. 

However, the address was not only incorrect but belonged to David and Elaine McClain. Elaine has a son by the name of William George Zimmerman. Her son is not related to the 28-year old George Zimmerman currently on trial for the death of Martin and no longer even lives at the address. Threats were sent via social media, as were odd notes sent to their doorstep. The couple was forced to leave their home temporarily for safety concerns.

Lee eventually apologized and legally compensated them with an undisclosed amount. 

WFTV is now reporting the McClains are concerned about online threats again. They are worried about their safety when the verdict of the Zimmerman trial emerges. Sanford Police are reportedly parked outside of the McClain’s home and monitoring it after their address began to circulate around the web as the home of the man accused of murdering Trayvon Martin. According to WFTV, an individual also delivered a pizza they did not order to their home under the name “Zimmerman.”


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