Trayvon Movement Occupation of Florida Capitol: Day Three

Trayvon Movement Occupation of Florida Capitol: Day Three

Florida Governor Rick Scott was still nowhere to be seen Thursday as protesters angered by George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the self-defense shooting of Trayvon Martin occupied his office in Tallahassee for the third day in a row. 

The doors of the Capitol locked at 5 PM with around sixty protesters from the group Dream Defenders signing and chanting as CNN’s cameras rolled. The group is demanding a special legislative session to consider a repeal of Stand Your Ground laws, an end to what they call racial profiling by the police and end to what they describe as criminalizing youth. 

Boasting a history of staging extended sit-ins, the Dream Defenders say they have no intention of leaving until their demands are met.

The Dream Defenders protest has been non-violent and well-organized, and the ranks of the protesters have begun to swell. The group has about half a dozen experienced leaders who have provided food and beverages for the student protesters, organize activities throughout the day, and handle the media logistics. The group has denied receiving external logistical support. A number of individuals have been bringing food and supplies. 

One event that organizers have held daily are discussion sessions, where protesters talk about their own experiences or raise questions, such as, “What if Rick Scott’s son had been killed instead of Trayvon?” or “What is your experience of racism?” This woman discussed her view that the Trayvon Martin shooting exposed what she describes as “white supremacy” and discusses the academic concept of institutional racism:

On the other hand, this young woman talks about the view she expressed at the meeting that while she believes racism exists and she’s experienced it herself, many African-Americans use race as crutch. 

Breitbart News has been on the scene since the civil disobedience began on “Takeover Tuesday.”


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