Poll: Focus on American Jobs Before Immigration Reform

Poll: Focus on American Jobs Before Immigration Reform

A new poll commissioned by NumbersUSA and conducted by Pulse Opinion Research found that the majority of Americans want Congress and President Barack Obama to focus on getting unemployed Americans back to work rather than giving already-scarce jobs to immigrants, legal or illegal.

When the 1,000 likely voters were asked: “When employers say they have trouble finding an American to take a job, would it be better for the country if the employers raise the pay to attract an unemployed American worker or if they bring in a new immigrant worker to keep the labor costs down?” an overwhelming majority, 71 percent, said they think employers should “raise the pay to attract an unemployed American worker.” Only 10 percent responded that they think employers should “bring in a new immigrant worker to keep the costs down.” Eighteen percent were unsure.

Similarly, the vast majority of those surveyed believed a massive increase in immigrants would make it more difficult for American workers who are unemployed to find work. “Supporters of the Senate bill say bringing in more immigrant workers would create economic growth which would provide more jobs for unemployed Americans,” respondents were asked. “Opponents of the bill say adding more immigrant workers would increase job competition for unemployed Americans, making it harder for them to find jobs.  Will bringing in more immigrant workers create more jobs for unemployed Americans or make it harder for them to find a job?”

A total of 68 percent of respondents said such a move like the bill does would make it harder for Americans to find jobs, whereas only 19 percent think the bill would “create jobs” and 13 percent are not sure.

A whopping 87 percent of survey respondents also thought that businesses should try to train and recruit unemployed black and Hispanic American workers before seeking talent from out of the country. Only 7 percent think companies should bring in foreign workers to compete with unemployed minorities and 6 percent are unsure.

When asked if “less-educated immigrant workers compete with less-educated Americans for construction, hospitality and other service jobs” 58 percent responded yes, 23 percent responded no and 19 percent were not sure.

The poll was conducted on Aug. 8, 2013, and has a 95 percent confidence level with a 3 percent margin of error.

This data seems to show that the vast majority of the American people oppose plans like the Senate bill, and plans like some of those being pushed by some members of House GOP leadership.


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