ForAmerica, Tea Party Patriots Target McConnell on Obamacare: 'You Fund It, You Own It'

ForAmerica, Tea Party Patriots Target McConnell on Obamacare: 'You Fund It, You Own It'

During a speech in Lexington, KY, ForAmerica chairman Brent Bozell and Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin challenged Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for his failure to stand up for conservatives in the Obamacare defunding debate.

“Mitch McConnell must join Senator Mike Lee, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio and speak up for the people – by passing a one year budget that funds the government but NOT ObamaCare,” Bozell said in his speech, according to prepared remarks provided to Breitbart News. “Senator McConnell, just say NO to funding ObamaCare. Senator McConnell, just say NO to President Obama and his cronies in Washington. Senator McConnell, we need you to keep your promise to the people of Kentucky. Senator McConnell, we need you to lead the fight to defund ObamaCare before it’s too late. Senator McConnell our message today is very simple: If you fund it, you own it.”

Tea Party Patriots’ Martin echoed that message. “If Obamacare is not ready for Big Business, Big Labor, or Big Government, it’s not ready for the American people,” she said, according to prepared remarks provided to Breitbart News. “It is time for the President, Congress, and Sen. McConnell do the fair thing and exempt America from the Obamacare. The only way to do this is to stop spending our hard-earned tax money on Obamacare, which can be done while still funding the rest of the entire government in the fiscal year 2014.”

McConnell has been decidedly quiet on this fight and has not stood up to fight Obamacare to defund it in the upcoming Continuing Resolution (CR) that funds the government. Bozell said in his Kentucky speech that while McConnell says publicly he is opposed to Obamacare, his unwillingness to defund it in the CR is a sign he is not serious about fighting the president’s signature legislative achievement. “Unfortunately, many Republicans, including Senator Mitch McConnell, come home and promise you that they are doing all they can to fight and stop ObamaCare,” Bozell said. “I am here to tell you they are not! We are here today to call on Senator McConnell to keep his promise to you and the rest of the nation. He can keep his promise of doing everything he can to stop ObamaCare by pledging today that he will fight to defund this monstrosity.”

Martin said McConnell has a chance now to stop the law he said recently was a “disaster” and if he does not, it is a sign McConnell is standing up for special interests and big government instead of the needs of the American people.

“Sen. McConnell just last week here in KY, said that the ‘law is a disaster’ and the solution to Obamacare is to pull it out ‘root and branch,'” Martin said. “Now Sen. McConnell has the opportunity to begin pulling the law out ‘root and branch.’ Sen. McConnell has a choice to make: stand up for the American People and do what is right for all Americans by funding the entire government and stop spending our hard earned tax money on Obamacare or stand up for the special interests in DC: big business, big labor, and big government while sticking this disastrous law on the American People. With the problems, delays, and exemptions in this law, the choice should be simple: stand with Americans and Exempt America.”


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