'Dreamer' Immigration Activist Tweeted About Killing, Eating 'White Invaders'

'Dreamer' Immigration Activist Tweeted About Killing, Eating 'White Invaders'

Prominent comprehensive immigration reform advocate Prerna Lal, who is originally from Fiji, tweeted in July that people should not “mess with Fijians” since she claimed that Fijians had killed, roasted, and eaten “white invaders” in the past. 

Her tweet, which has since been deleted along with the rest of her @AQueerDesi account, read:

It’s not the first time Ms. Lal has tweeted out violent racialist rhetoric. In June, following the George Zimmerman verdict, she tweeted:

Ms. Lal is a respected, published immigration reform activist. She’s a “Dreamer”-one of the young illegal aliens brought to the United States by their parents who are leading the fight for comprehensive immigration reform. Lal is one of the co-founders of the DreamActivist.org site that Breitbart News has reported gave illegal immigrants a lesson in how to lie about their immigration status.

She’s also written a number of blog posts on immigration for The Huffington Post, where her biography reads in part:

Prerna Lal is undocumented, unafraid and unapologetic. As a founder of DreamActivist, Prerna helped to create a robust network of highly-organized and diverse undocumented youth with digital engagement capacity. Since then, her model of organizing has been used by immigration organizations across the country to end deportations. Her work and commentary for immigrant rights has been featured in newspapers such as The New York Times, USA Today, CNN, and magazines such as the US News and World Report, as well as international outlets in a dozen countries.

“Dreamers” like Lal have been leading the charge on immigration reform for years. Even though House Republicans like Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) have said they are open to giving the “Dreamers” legal status, some activists have demanded an end to all deportations and reject the idea of border security. Lal herself wrote at the Huffington Post:

…both Democrats and Republicans have long held immigration reform hostage to “border security.” As part of the immigration reform package, they passed the infamous “border surge amendment,” which many immigration advocates have termed as “border overkill” as it mandates $47 billion to go towards 700 miles of border fence construction, 40,000 additional border agents, drones, Blackhawk helicopters and VADER radar systems, before the 11 million can gain citizenship. These border security triggers will make the U.S.-Mexico border the most militarized zone in the world where 7 million U.S. residents will be subjected to living in a war zone.

Lal’s Twitter account @AQueerDesi is now locked down, with the following message appearing:

I had to shutdown this account due to stalking, defamation and harassment. Please follow me at @prernaplal.


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