Poll: 51% Favor Government Shutdown to Cut Health Care Costs

Poll: 51% Favor Government Shutdown to Cut Health Care Costs

In a poll released Tuesday, one day after President Obama slammed Republicans for what he dishonestly described as a “government shutdown,” Rasmussen has found that when it comes to cutting health care costs, a majority of 51% favor “having a partial government shutdown until Democrats and Republicans agree on what spending for the health care law to cut.”

An even higher number of 53% favor a partial government shutdown until “Democrats and Republicans can agree on what [general] spending to cut.” Only 37% oppose.

For obvious reasons, the media refuse to make clear that it is not the GOP proposing any kind of government shutdown, partial or otherwise. The GOP’s plan is to kill the ObamaCare debacle with a bill that funds everything but the president’s job-killing health care plan. It is up to the president and Democrat-led Senate, then, to decide if this wildly unpopular drag on our economy is worth shutting down the government.

Both the media and the president are eager for this showdown; both relish the idea of replaying the 1990s when the media and the Clinton White House worked together to bludgeon then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich over a similar gambit.

This poll, though, shows that this tactic might not work as well this time. Just for starters, people are much more concerned about the deficit today than they were in the mid-nineties; and there was no boondoggle like ObamaCare hanging out there as a prize in a shutdown showdown.

Make no mistake, the media will ignore this poll. The results do not fit the media’s pro-ObamaCare Narrative, and only interferes with the reality they are attempting to manufacture that says a shutdown can only mean disaster for the GOP.

But to those interested in reality, this poll should be food for thought.


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