Obamacare Website Goes Offline for Repairs Again

Obamacare Website Goes Offline for Repairs Again

After a long weekend of repairs, the Obamacare healthcare exchange website was ready for action…or not. On Monday night, Healthcare.gov was taken offline again to fix glitches. From 1 a.m. EDT, the Health and Human Services Department stated, the site would be offline for purposes of improving capacity. HHS did state that the site was better than it was before the weekend improvements, and said that it would be taken offline only during nonpeak hours.

HHS spokeswoman Joanne Peters said, “The work done to increase access to HealthCare.gov in light of the overwhelming demand is beginning to show results…Our work to expand the site’s capacity has led to more people successfully applying for and enrolling in affordable health coverage online, with wait times being shortened by approximately 50 percent since Friday.”

Given that wait times were essentially infinite for large portions of last week, that’s not too much of an improvement. But even as technical glitches get fixed, the Obamacare law itself needs big fixes – fixes it won’t get as President Obama intransigently stands by every jot and tittle of his eponymous policy.


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