Concealed Carry Permit Applications Skyrocket in Weld County, CO

Concealed Carry Permit Applications Skyrocket in Weld County, CO

Applications for concealed carry permits are skyrocketing in Weld County, Colorado, with applications from women in particular doubling. Sheriff John Cooke is thrilled about the numbers.

Weld is an important indicator in that it led Adam, Denver, and Boulder counties for concealed carry permit applications with 2,022 last year. It surpassed that number by March 2013, and Weld County has now processed 2,857 applications this year alone.

According to Greeley’s, The Tribune, the number of applications from women has increased from “an average of about 20 percent in recent years to an average of about 40 percent currently.”

Sheriff Cooke said, “Having a gun is a good equalizer for self protection. People want it for protection [and] a Smith & Wesson or Colt will level the playing field.”

Cooke said he has been “hiring more staff just to [just] to accommodate the influx of [concealed carry permit] requests,” but he does not mind: “My philosophy is the (2003 Concealed Carry Act) was passed so more people can get concealed weapon permits, and we’re trying to do everything possible to be sure they can.”

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