Obama: We Must 'Remarket and Rebrand' Obamacare

Obama: We Must 'Remarket and Rebrand' Obamacare

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama conceded that he will have to “remarket” and “rebrand” Obamacare as public confidence in him and the healthcare law he championed has plummeted. 

Speaking at the Wall Street Journal CEO Summit, Obama addressed the failures of the Obamacare rollout and said while he was confident that the healthcare model his administration built, which he claimed worked off of the “existing private insurance system,” would succeed, the law would have to be rebranded. 

“We are going to have to obviously remarket and rebrand,” Obama said. “And that will be challenging in this political environment.”

When he first sold Obamacare to Americans, Obama lied about whether they would be able to keep their insurance plans; he has apologized for that promise as millions have since received cancellation notices. Obama last week announced an administrative “fix” to let insurance companies allow those who have had their plans cancelled stay on them for another year. 

In addition, the Obamacare website has suffered one malfunction after another, which has prompted late-night comedians like John Stewart and Jay Leno that have supported the president in the past to mock the Obamcare rollout. 

Obama made his remarks as a national poll found that two-thirds of Americans oppose the individual mandate.


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