Nobody Showing Up to Obamacare Info Events in New Mexico

Nobody Showing Up to Obamacare Info Events in New Mexico

According to local reports, New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange (NMIX) educational programs have been an utter failure over the past few weeks. The Farmington Daily Times reports, that officials from the NMIX have not been able to incentivize the locals to come out and find out about the wonders of Obamacare. Said Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce President Janet Mackey, “We advertised for three weeks before, put it on our reader board and hand-delivered invitations to various doctor’s offices and small businesses. We only had seven people RSVP, and since we were also going to be providing dinner, we thought with so few people it would be a waste of resources.”

Another seminar drew 10 people at the local Marriott.

Small businesses in New Mexico can use the state-run exchange, but individuals must use the federal exchanges. Those who did show up at the Marriott seminar were angry that their premiums had risen, according to one of the NMIX consultants.

Lori Raef, who owns a small business with her husband, had her insurance cancelled. She said, “I do believe everyone should have insurance, but I just don’t think this is the right way to do it. My benefits will go down, but my premiums will go up, and what bothers me is that middle class people are going to end up paying more for everyone else’s benefits.”


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