Chicago Gang Charged with Kidnapping Mother and Children over Mexican Cartel's Drugs

Chicago Gang Charged with Kidnapping Mother and Children over Mexican Cartel's Drugs

Jesus Valentin Fuentes, Kiontay Kyare Pennington, Oscar Cosme, and Adron Herschel Tancil, members of a Chicago area gang with a relationship to a Mexican drug cartel, have been indicted for numerous charges, including murder and kidnapping the children of a rival to exact revenge for a drug deal gone bad. 

The rival had allegedly taken cocaine from the gang — cocaine that was fronted by a Mexican cartel, according to court documents. Authorities allege that the order to kidnap the Chicago area woman and the children came from Fuentes while he was living in Mexico via telephone.

The gang, known as the Two Six Nation, was allegedly led by Chicago’s Jesus Valentin Fuentes. He and other alleged associates stand accused of numerous crimes related to drug trafficking and the use of violence in furtherance of their alleged activities. The U.S. Attorney’s Office alleges that “Fuentes directed members of the Two Six Nation to kidnap the family of Julio Cartagena (Cartagena was also a member of the Two Six), in an effort to recover a large quantity of cocaine stolen by Cartagena from Fuentes.”

The gang members then allegedly kidnapped Cartagena’s children and mother at gunpoint from their home. Local authorities were able to rescue the family without any physical injuries. Afterwards, the Two Six Nation allegedly continued attempts to extract revenge or retrieve the cocaine a Mexican cartel provided them. They are accused of then attempting to kidnap Cartagena in East Chicago, but he was shot and killed in the process.

Official court documents reveal that an unspecified Mexican cartel “fronted” (aka provided the cocaine on credit) to the Two Six Nation. Paragraph 19 of the superseding indictment of Jesus Valentin Fuentes states: “… Julio Cartagena, a member of the Dark Side Two Six and close associates of Jesus Valentin Fuentes, stole a large quantity of cocaine that had been ‘fronted’ to Jesus Valentin Fuentes by members of a Mexican drug trafficking cartel.”

The superseding indictment also indicates that Jesus Valentin Fuentes resided in both Chicago, Illinois and Mexico. It reveals that he allegedly had a tracking device secretly installed on the vehicle of his rival while Cartagena was living in the Chicago area. The superseding indictment makes clear that the Chicago gang leader was allegedly directing his criminal enterprise in the U.S. from Mexico.

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Breitbart News has provided the superseding indictment of Jesus Valentin Fuentes below:

Mexican Cartel-Coonected Gang Kidnaps Children and Mother in Chicago


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