GOP Wins Democrat Seat Running Against ObamaCare

GOP Wins Democrat Seat Running Against ObamaCare

Kentucky Republicans picked up a seat in the state House Tuesday in a special election. Republican Suzanne Miles edged Democrat Kim Humphrey to capture a seat that had been held by Democrats for decades. Trailing late in the race, Miles made the race a referendum on ObamaCare. Her success in using a federal issue to capture a seat in the state legislature could be a harbinger for 2014. 

Republican polling at the end of November showed Miles trailing the Democrat by 6 points. Miles’ ability to turn the campaign around so quickly, in a little more than a week, shows the potency of the increasingly unpopular ObamaCare law as a political issue. 

Humphrey had strong support from Democrat Gov. Steve Beshear. The Democrat Party in Kentucky poured resources in the race and Humphrey also benefited from spending by a third party group, the Democratic Kentucky Family Values PAC. ObamaCare, however, apparently trumped all of those advantages. 

The win gives the Republicans 46 seats now in the 100-seat chamber. The Republicans only need a few seats to take control of the chamber for the first time since 1921.  

“This election proves ObamaCare will be toxic for every Democrat running for office in 2014,” RNC Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams told Breitbart News. “If ObamaCare can flip a state house seat that has been held by Democrats for decades, then just think what it will do to 2014 Democrats who actually voted for the bill.”


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