Five Things the Media Aren't Reporting About Today's ObamaCare Numbers

Five Things the Media Aren't Reporting About Today's ObamaCare Numbers

Only our media would report as “progress” the fact that thus far ObamaCare has resulted in only 364,000 sign-ups after canceling 5.2 million policies. The White House and some in media are also incorrectly using the word “enrollee.” You have to pay for your first premium in order to  enroll, and according to some insurers, payment rates languish in the 5-15% arena.

Using words like “progress,” “soars,”  and “enrollee,” the White  House and media are spreading so much disinformation, it is hard to know where to begin.

Here are five things the media aren’t telling you about today’s ObamaCare numbers

1. ObamaCare Is at Less Than 30% of Its Stated Goal:

Let’s start with the number of enrollees the White House predicted they have by now: 1.2 million. Even using the Administration’s juiced number of 364,000 enrollees, that is only 30% of a goal that was low-balled to begin with.

The real enrollee number is is probably half that (see #4).

2. ObamaCare Has Likely Increased the Number of Uninsured:

ObamaCare has resulted in 5.2 million Americans having their insurance policies canceled. While some of those ObamaCare victims likely re-enrolled directly with their insurance company, who knows how many were forced into the exchanges. It is therefore a safe guess that as of right now ObamaCare has resulted in a net increase in the number of uninsured in America (even if you include the 800,000 new Medicaid enrollees).

3. ObamaCare Is Only Enrolling People Who Were Already Insured

Since 5.2 million had their insurance plans canceled and only 364,000 signed up with ObamaCare, this also means that it is highly unlikely that a large number of those signing up for ObamaCare were once among the uninsured ObamaCare was designed to help. What you have instead are those who were already insured being herded against their will into exchanges, where many face higher-priced premiums, higher deductibles, and the loss of their doctors.

4. The Real Enrollment Number Is Probably Less Than 150,000

What is especially dishonest in today’s reporting is the use of the word “enrollment.” If you do not pay for your premium you are neither insured or enrolled, and numerous insurance providers are reporting that only 5% to 15% of those who have signed up for ObamaCare have actually enrolled paid.

That number is perfectly in line with studies that show a 67% online shopping cart abandonment rate.

5. ObamaCare Is Hurting Millions to Help Thousands

Let’s be generous and assume that by the end of the year that the percentage rate of those who really do enroll triples to 50%. That would mean that as of today, Barack Obama, the Democrats, and the media  have all conspired to overturn our health care system to deliver ObamaCare to 175,000 people who were probably already insured to begin with.

Bottom line: Five-plus million Americans have been hurt by ObamaCare compared to the thousands benefitting. 


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