Marine Vet Slams Paul Ryan's 'Outrageous Attitude' Toward Military Pension Cuts

Marine Vet Slams Paul Ryan's 'Outrageous Attitude' Toward Military Pension Cuts

Two days after President Barack Obama signed a budget compromise that slashed pension benefits for military veterans, retired Marine Jessie Jane Duff blasted Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) for his “outrageous attitude” toward the sacrifices those in the armed forces have made. 

Appearing on Fox & Friends on Saturday, Jessie Jane Duff, who is at the E7 level, said Ryan, who brokered the deal with Sen. Patty Murray (D-WI), does not realize that many active duty military personnel go back to civilian life “broke” and “without a job” and have difficulty getting on equal footing with their “civilian counterparts.” She noted that many veterans have had to leave the armed forces early due to injuries or are suffering from things like PTSD. 

The deal Obama signed includes a provision that would “pare down annual cost of living increases in benefits for military retirees under age 62, saving the government an estimated $6.3 billion over a decade.” What that means is a sergeant first class at the E7 level like Duff who retires at age 42 would lose $72,000 in benefits over a lifetime, according to a Fox News analysis. 

She said that Ryan was “misleading” Americans into believing that veterans were getting a pay increase by using accounting tricks and lingo when in fact they are not. 

Duff, of Concerned Veterans for America, said Ryan was screwing over the types of  veterans who were deployed three times to Afghanistan and Iraq and said it was “outrageous” for Ryan to claim that the benefits were “extremely generous.” She emphasized that not enough people in Congress have served in the military, and they are out of touch with Americans who have served or have family members in the armed forces.

Multiple bills have been introduced in the House to undo the cuts. 


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