NC Dem Sen Kay Hagan Trails All Republican Rivals

NC Dem Sen Kay Hagan Trails All Republican Rivals

ObamaCare continues to wreck havoc on Democrats’ chances this November. A new poll by Democrat firm Public Policy Polling finds incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) trailing ALL of her potential Republican rivals. This is in spite of the fact that many of the possible Republican challengers have very little name recognition in the state. These polls results are personal to Hagan. 

There are five Republicans vying to challenge Hagan in November. The most well-known is NC House Speaker Thom Tillis, yet 57% of voters don’t know anything about him. For the other Republican candidates, less than a quarter of the voters know anything about them. Yet, each holds a narrow lead over the Democrat, who is widely known in the state. 

Unfortunately for Hagan, however, this notoriety is something of an albatross. Just 39% of North Carolinians approve of her job performance. That number is down 5 points since the end of last year. Almost a majority, 49%, disapprove of her performance. Her numbers mirror voters attitudes about ObamaCare. Only 38% approve of the law, while 48% disapprove. A full 44% believe the implementation of the law has been “very unsuccessful.”

Even more worrying for Hagan is that this PPP poll, like most of its other polls, seems to have a slight tilt favorable to Democrats. When asked whom they voted for in 2012, the poll sample was split evenly between Obama and Romney. Romney, though, won the state by 2 points. 

North Carolina has a long history of voting out of office first-term Senators. If the current PPP polls are accurate, the Tar Heel State looks like it will uphold that tradition in November.