March for Life Speaker Ryan Bomberger Highlights Adoption as Alternative to Abortion

March for Life Speaker Ryan Bomberger Highlights Adoption as Alternative to Abortion

A man whose biological mother was the victim of rape, yet courageously chose to continue her pregnancy, has made his life’s work ensuring that every child in America has the same opportunity he was given.

The 41st annual March for Life celebrated Adoption: A Noble Decision as the loving and compassionate alternative to abortion. Who better to impart that message than Ryan Bomberger, co-founder of the Radiance Foundation, who was adopted himself and is now an adoptive parent?

Bomberger, who founded the Radiance Foundation with his wife Bethany in 2009 as a life-affirming organization, gave the keynote address at this year’s March for Life Rose Dinner, held the evening of the march.

“The March for Life is delighted to have Ryan tell his compelling and life-affirming story,” said Jeanne Monahan, president of March for Life. “He is a wonderful example of courage with a message that upholds the sanctity and dignity of human life.”

Bomberger was one of ten children adopted and raised in a Christian family. His personal story shatters the myth of the “unwanted” child and allows him to address issues that most people feel are uncomfortable.

“I love adoption. It is a true act of social justice,” Bomberger commented to Breitbart News. “And in my case, as an adoptee with nine other adopted siblings (twelve siblings total), I’m passionate about adoption. It unleashes love, hope, justice, and purpose.”

“My birthmom, who was raped, courageously chose life for me and made a loving plan of adoption,” Bomberger continued. “The March for Life’s focus on adoption this year is a natural expression of the organization’s embrace of God-given purpose in every human life.”

“For every one baby that’s adopted,” Monahan told The Christian Post during the march, “there are 64 that are aborted.”

By focusing on adoption, she added, March for Life is “trying to get at that huge discrepancy” and encourage “mothers facing an unexpected pregnancy to choose adoption.”

Consistent with Bomberger’s “passion” for adoption, one of the latest initiatives of the Radiance Foundation is titled “Adopted and Loved,” an endeavor that supports birthmothers who are often left alone in crisis to make difficult decisions about their unborn babies.

The Bombergers’ ministry, called Sally’s Lambs, offers support to birthmothers who choose adoption. Their website provides insight into their mission:

We want adoption to become one of the first options considered instead of the status-quo go-to of abortion. There are many forms of adoption – open, semi-closed, and closed – and birthparents can help shape the future of their daughter or son by continuing to remain involved in their lives. Sometimes parenting isn’t the best option for those facing an unplanned pregnancy, but expectant mothers and fathers can turn the unplanned into a loving plan and make a great parenting choice. They can choose adoption.

Many participants in the March for Life identified with Bomberger’s passion for adoption, as can be seen by the tweets from marchers interspersed below:

#WhyWeMarch because had these boys’ moms not chosen life, mine would never be so wonderful. #ProLife #DownSyndrome

— Kala Czanstkowski (@KalaCzans) January 23, 2014

“Being a birthmother is the reason I dedicated my life to abolishing abortion,” Amanda Lord, Students for Life In America Media Coordinator, told Breitbart News. “Adoption isn’t for every mother facing a crisis pregnancy – but it is a far better option than aborting her preborn baby.”

Lord, who placed her son for adoption when he was born, said shehopes the March for Life inspires others to find out more about adoptionas an alternative to abortion.

“The March for Life brings together over 600,000 pro-lifers fromall over the country. Each and every one of them needs to know thatadoption is a viable option for some families. My hope is that pro-lifeactivists return home to learn more about adoption and how to discussthe option with women and families in need.”

What an incredible day in DC focused on celebrating how beautiful adoption is & standing up for the unborn babies #whywemarch #marchforlife

— Chelsea Patterson (@Chelspat) January 23, 2014

I’m thankful that even though my mom was conceived in rape, her mother chose to give her life! #PraytoEndAbortion #whywemarch #marchforlife

— S.L. Hansen (@Sparki777) January 22, 2014

Maureen Ferguson, Senior Policy Advisor with The Catholic Association, agrees.

“Yesterday’s March focused on adoption as a courageous and loving alternative to the tragedy of abortion,” Ferguson commented to Breitbart News. “The March rally was peppered with moving stories from grateful adoptive parents and powerful testimony from young men and women who were adopted as babies.”

“Truly, no child is ‘unwanted’ as the other side claims,” added Ferguson.

In thanksgiving for my mom’s biological mom giving her life & to an adoptive family: I #praytoendabortion. Wish I were at #marchforlife

— Megan Mishler (@meggymish) January 22, 2014

Rachel Bush, president of University of Texas Austin Students for Life, said participating in the March for Life inspires passion about building a culture of Life so mothers feel supported in choosing alternatives to abortion.

“Seeing the pro-life movement come together as one to solemnly remember the tragic Roe v. Wade decision,” Bush told Breitbart News, “as well as to celebrate the dignity of Life, inspires us (the students) to stay strong and to go back to our campuses, ready to spread the message of Life to our fellow students.”

I’m so blessed my mom chose adoption over abortion. #whywemarch

— anna catherine? (@veazey_anna) January 23, 2014

Lisa Atkins, president of Boise State University Students for Life, told Breitbart News that people of her generation will make a lasting impression on America’s culture by “bringing to light the controversy that already exists in our culture and [making] people see it with their own eyes.”

“It’s amazing to see so many people uniting together to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves!” Atkins said. “The Pro-Life movement could not have a better visual representation that abortion will end and that we are the generation that will abolish it.”


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