Sponsor of McCain's Censure: 'This Country Was Founded on We The People'

Sponsor of McCain's Censure: 'This Country Was Founded on We The People'

On January 11th, the Maricopa County Republican Party passed a censure of Senator John McCain (R-AZ), and on January 25th the statewide party followed suit. The sponsor of the censure in both instances was LD30 Chairman Timothy Schwartz (R).

When Breitbart News spoke with Schwartz on January 27th, he said, “This country was founded on ‘We the People,’ and Washington, D.C. has forgotten that. They have their own agenda and we’ve got to get it back.”

We asked Schwartz what kind of feedback he’s received since the successful voice-vote censure on Saturday, and he said: “I’m getting emails from everywhere. People telling me they are so happy someone finally took a stand.”

Schwartz then talked about the numbers by which the censure passed. He said this is important because naysayers like former Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) “come to [McCain’s] defense” by denouncing the censures as being pushed by a small minority in the AZ GOP. Schwartz said, “At the Maricopa County meeting on January 11th the vote was 77 percent to approve [the censure], only 23 percent opposed. That is an overwhelming majority.”

He continued: “And at the state meeting on [January 25th], representative of all 15 counties in our state, 423 of the 704 people present put their names on the petition to bring the resolution of censure to the floor. We only needed 20 percent of 704 to bring it to the floor, but we got approximately 60 percent.”

Schwartz concluded by talking about his hope for what the censure would accomplish going forward:

Conservatives in our party want us to stand up for “We the People.” It’s not about a few elites in Washington, it’s about the people, and we, the Republican Party, want people to know we are listening. We want these actions to send a signal so they they–the public around this nation–know that Arizona is as fed up as they are and that action has to be taken if Washington’s going to get changed.

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