Poll: More Americans 'Can't Live Without' Laptops, Smartphones Than Sex

Poll: More Americans 'Can't Live Without' Laptops, Smartphones Than Sex

There is a popular quote attributed to an unknown author which goes, “I would like to meet the man who invented sex and see what he’s working on now.” Evidence reveals that it may have been the smartphone.

A new poll shows that while 20% of Americans claim they couldn’t live without sex, a full 26% say they couldn’t live without using their smartphones. It also shows that Americans prefer internet access, cars, laptops, and TV to sex.

The study by Harris Interactive also discovered that almost three quarters of adults say technology enriches the quality of their lives, and almost half of the people surveyed believe it improves their relationships with friends and boosts their social lives. About 40% of those polled thinks technology makes them happier.

Food was far and away the most treasured of all “could not live withouts,” garnering a hefty 73% of positive responses. 

From a generation of technology savvy Americans, only eight percent seem to regularly lose their ways, admitting that they could not live without their satellite navigation devices.


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