OFA Sends Pro-Obamacare Cute Animal Valentine's Cards

OFA Sends Pro-Obamacare Cute Animal Valentine's Cards

In its latest attempt to urge Americans to buy into Obamacare while treating adults in the most juvenile fashion it can, Organizing for Action, the post-election incarnation of Barack Obama’s election campaign, posted on a Valentine’s message featuring cuddly widdle animals along with puns urging Americans to get covered by Obamacare.

Titled “Happy Valentine’s Day from the Adorable Care Act” and subtitled “Send a gratuitously cute animal photo to your loved ones,” the site showed pictures of cute widdle animals with cute widdle love messages as captions. 

The examples included these animals and their adorable captions:

Three pandas: Not having health insurance? That’s PANDAmonium.

Four kittens: Treat yourself right this valentine’s day. Get pamPURRED with health care.

One kitten: I’m not kitten. Get covered.

One badger: I don’t mean to badger you, but it’s time to get covered.

Two small bears: You’re beary special to me, so please get covered!

Strangely enough considering how many Americans have lost their health insurance, there wasn’t a snake in the bunch.