Florida Teacher Forces Ten-Year-Old Boy to Clean Urinal with Bare Hands

Florida Teacher Forces Ten-Year-Old Boy to Clean Urinal with Bare Hands

A south Florida Teacher is facing a charge of felony battery of a child for exposure to urine. Broward Community Charter School West teacher, 58-year-old Jennifer Forshey, allegedly forced a child to clean a clogged urinal with his bare hands. The mother of the child and other parents in the school are outraged and disgusted by the teacher’s action.

A police  investigation said that Forshey made the 10-year-old boy unclog the urinal and clean it with his hands as a punishment for having put paper towels in the urinal. “The paper and urinal were wet enough to seep though the paper towel he was holding. The victims hands were saturated in what smelled like urine from the urinal and the paper towel that was in the urinal,” the police report said. Moreover, the report stated Forshey never provided the student with any safety equipment to protect himself.  Forshey contends that she did not do “anything illegal.”

Making the incident even worse, there was no soap inside the boys bathroom. Consequently, the boy could not wash the urine off of his hands. Jenay Roberts, the boy’s mother, complained, “To let that go on with a child is irresponsible, and I just feel it’s not acceptable,” said Roberts. Another parent, Maria Torres, interviewed by 7-News, added that, “You leave your children with their teacher, it’s like a second mom, you don’t expect that to happen to a child.”

Attorney Joshua Hertz has been hired by the family. He claims that the boy never stuffed the paper in the urinal. “I found this act despicable, disgusting and unbelievable that a teacher would instruct a 10-year-old boy to use his bare hands to clean out a urinal,” he asserted. When asked for comment, Forshey, who is free from jail on bond, said “I’d rather not talk about it now.”

The ten-year-old boy wished that other students would stop teasing him about the incident and wishes it never happened. “It is very embarrassing to have that going around the school, and people just bothering me about the simple thing that shouldn’t have been done,” the boy said.