California AG Appeals Ninth Circuit Concealed Carry Ruling

California AG Appeals Ninth Circuit Concealed Carry Ruling

On February 27 California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris “filed a petition in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals… urging the court to review and reverse its decision in Peruta v. County of San Diego.”

On February 13 Breitbart News reported the court struck down the “good cause” requirement for concealed carry permit applicants in CA. The court in essence ruled that the “mere desire to carry a gun, when applying for a concealed carry permit,” is sufficient.

Peruta was heard by a three-judge panel, and Harris is asking the court to revisit the decision and reverse it. 

Harris’s statement on the appeal indicates she believes the Ninth Circuit’s decision limits law enforcement’s “discretion [in determining] who can carry a concealed weapon.” She said that “she will do everything possible to restore law enforcement’s authority to protect public safety.”

Harris did not mention that concealed carry permit applicants go through a strenuous FBI and criminal background check with or without the “good cause” requirement. The absence of the requirement in no way allows people who should not have guns to get or carry them.

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