Another Fake 'Hate Crime': Transgender Student Admits Attack Was Hoax

Another Fake 'Hate Crime': Transgender Student Admits Attack Was Hoax

On March 3, a transgender student at a California middle school claimed he was attacked, beaten, and sexually molested by other students in a school bathroom. Only a day later the student admitted that the claimed attack never happened.

The 15-year-old student, who identifies as a boy, claimed that he was attacked by other male students in a bathroom at Hercules Middle High School in Hercules, California. The student said that he was beaten and sexually molested.

District officials and police immediately jumped to investigate the claimed incident as a hate crime, but it was quickly discovered that the student showed no evidence of being beaten after an exam by a hospital.

The student ultimately admitted that the attack never occurred.

This incident joins a rash of hate crime hoaxes that have made national news in the last year.

Just to name a few examples of these faked “hate crimes,” only a month ago a story about a “homophobic” mom who objected to gay parents sending her child an invite to a birthday party went viral. Days later the radio station that pushed the story admitted it was a hoax.

In December a mother of a former high school football player claimed that racist slurs were spray painted on her home in Massachusetts. The woman later confessed to having spray painted the slurs herself.

In November of last year a waitress in New Jersey claimed that a family left a gay slur written on a diner receipt and refused to tip her because she was gay. It was soon discovered that her claims were untrue.

Last year, students at Oberlin College in Ohio claimed that the KKK had posted swastikas and anti-gay graffiti on campus. It was then found that several liberal students perpetrated the hoax as a “joke.”

Another waitress in Tennessee claimed that a customer left a racist slur written on a dinner receipt. This also turned out to be untrue.

An African American student standing for election to his high school student government claimed he was harassed by racist texts last August. An investigation revealed he had sent the racist texts to himself so he could get in the news.


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