EXCLUSIVE–Rep. Steve King: Amnesty Ends American Exceptionalism, Rule of Law

EXCLUSIVE–Rep. Steve King: Amnesty Ends American Exceptionalism, Rule of Law

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland–At “The Univited II” conference, Breitbart News had the opportunity to speak with Rep. Steve King (R-IA) about the threat amnesty poses to American exceptionalism.

When asked whether American exceptionalism will even be possible again if amnesty proponents are successful, King responded:

My answer to that is this–because of the 1986 amnesty act we’re still debating the rule of law, still debating amnesty and immigration. If Ronald Reagan would have votoed that and said, ‘Now and forever we are never going to reward people for breaking the law. That is an essential American principle.’ But because there were people rewarded for breaking the rule of law, they came in her by the millions, they think amnesty was a good idea and they raised their children to think that way. 

There actually have been seven other smaller amnesties since then.

If we were to open the door now the way the Democrats want to do, I would say we will never be able to restore the rule of law again–at least with regards to immigration–for the lifetime of this Republic.

I don’t think an American congress would put it back together, I don’t think a president would put it back together. I think the rule of law would be gone for the duration of America.

King was asked, “Would not also be true that allowing amnesty would bring in voters who would vote in such a way as to keep amnesty supporters in office and keep the rule of law far from us?” He responded: “Sure. They would be the beneficiaries of it. And like the beneficiaries of the 1986 amnesty act–it was good for them and they think it would be good for everybody else.”

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