Dinesh D'Souza: Obama Believes in 'Moral Indictment of America and Free Market'

Dinesh D'Souza: Obama Believes in 'Moral Indictment of America and Free Market'

President Barack Obama believes in the central argument of modern progressivism, according to Dinesh D’Souza.

Speaking at CPAC on Friday, the star of 2016: Obama’s America said that Obama did not create American progressivism, but was instead deeply shaped by it and its “moral attack on capitalism.” And that is why it is a mistake to brush him off as a bumbling amateur. 

Obama, he said, knows exactly what he is doing. 

“The point about Obama is that he is someone who wants to shrink America’s footprint in the world,” he said. “He wants to remake America.”

Modern progressives like Obama, D’Souza said, believe that “America and the wealth of America is based on theft.” He said they fundamentally believe that America stole land from Native Americans, took the labor of Africans, stole a part of Mexico, and is currently taking oil from the Middle East. 

“This is what we are up against,” D’Souza said of the “moral attack against capitalism.” 

D’Souza, who has accused the Obama administration of targeting him by charging him with campaign finance violations, said Obama’s response to the “threats on the horizon” and “new emerging empires,” including the consolidation of the Islamic empire and the emergence of Russia, has been shocking. 

D’Souza said that he predicted that in his 2016: Obama’s America movie and was not happy that his predictions have come true. He said Obama is like an actor who is “playing out our script.”

“He reminds me a bit of a toy soldier who walks into the wall and keeps going,” he said. 

D’Souza said that Obama was upset at 2016 and then declared, “Wait until he sees the new one.” 

He unveiled the new trailer for his next film, America, and said that it will make the “moral case for America and for the free market system.” The trailer featured both iconic images of America-President John F. Kennedy, Jackie Robinson rushing toward home plate and Mt. Rushmore to name a few.

“Decline is a choice, but so is liberty,” D’Souza said. “Let us resolve … that liberty is our choice.”

America hits theaters July 4, 2014.


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