Rasmussen: Boy Scouts' Favorability Continues to Slide

Rasmussen: Boy Scouts' Favorability Continues to Slide

New survey numbers from Rasmussen show public opinion turning slowly against the Boy Scouts. Though most Americans still view them favorably, their numbers continue in a perennial trend of decline. 

The national poll taken by telephone shows 59% of Americans still view the Boy Scouts at least “somewhat” favorably, this represents a decline of six percentage points from last May and a 14 point decline from February, 2012. Twenty-eight percent view the Boy Scouts unfavorably. 

Much of the decline could be attributed to the debate over gay Scouts and Scout leaders that has roiled the Scouts over the past year and a half. Forty-one percent of respondents oppose the new policy of allowing open same-sex attracted Scouts yet not allow same-sex attracted Scoutmasters with only 33% favoring the policy change.