Teacher Fired After Allegedly 'Ordering Hit' on Seventh-Grade Student

Teacher Fired After Allegedly 'Ordering Hit' on Seventh-Grade Student

PORT SAINT LUCIE, Fla., April 15 (UPI) — A Florida school board has decided to fire a teacher who allegedly ordered a group of six boys to attack a younger student to “teach him a lesson.”

During the incident, seventh-grade student Radravious Williams told teacher Dru Dehart that he “wished he could curse out teachers someday.” She apparently didn’t like what she heard and allegedly asked six eighth graders to attack Williams.

According to reports, the boys picked up Williams by the neck and made him forcibly apologize to the teacher.

“(She) made a very poor decision that day,” David Miklas, a school district representative, told WPTV. “She used students to carry out discipline.”

The boy’s mother, Latasha Darrisaw, said she has yet to receive an apology.

“As a person and as a parent you would like some kind of apology, but I guess we will get that whenever she’s ready,” Darrisaw told CBS 12. “It’s been rough, it’s been rough, and we as a family have been dealing with it.”

Williams’ family may soon be filing a civil suit.

Mark Wilensky, Dehart’s attorney, said she doesn’t expect to be getting her job back. “I don’t think she had any real hopes or expectations that in this setting today that was going to happen,” Wilensky said.


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