School Handcuffed Second Grader for 'Misbehaving'

School Handcuffed Second Grader for 'Misbehaving'

Officials admit a school security guard handcuffed a Kansas City, Missouri, second grader for “misbehaving” after the student got upset over other students were “teasing and taunting him.”

According to CBS St. Louis, Kalyb Primm’s teacher called security when she could not calm the 7-year-old student down. 

A security guard came and walked Primm to the principal’s office. On the way to the office the guard put handcuffs on the student and the second grader said, “[he] twisted my wrists a little.”

Primm’s father was called to the school and said “his son was in handcuffs when he showed up.”

“A school spokesman said the security guard followed protocol to ensure everyone’s safety,” but Primm’s parents want the protocol revisited. Barring that, they are going to take their son out of the school and “[move] him to another district.”

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