Another Weekend of Chicago Shootings: 4 Dead, 24 Wounded

Another Weekend of Chicago Shootings: 4 Dead, 24 Wounded

In what has become a familiar pattern, Chicago experienced another wave of weekend shootings this past weekend. This time four died and 24 others were wounded.

In one case, four were shot at one time during a River North neighborhood drive-by shooting. The four who were shot admitted to police they were gang members. Police assume the shooting was gang related.

The four deaths all occurred early Sunday morning.

A man was shot in the River North neighborhood in a shooting that left three others wounded. He died at 5:30 AM.

Police reported that a man, 23, died from wounds received in the Austin neighborhood. He was deab by 5:37 AM Sunday.

A 29-year-old was felled by a gunshot to the head at 7:15 AM on Sunday.

By 11:35 AM on Sunday a 41-year-old man was shot in the back and died from his wounds at a South Side hospital.

Several other cases also had more than one shooting victim leaving a number of them in serious to critical condition.

Just another weekend in Barack Obama’s home town, a city now going by the gruesome nickname “Chiraq” for the war zone-like shootings constantly sweeping over the city every weekend since the long, harsh winter broke.

In fact, Iraq and Afghanistan has been healthier for Americans than Chicago. In March not a single American soldier died in either war zone.

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