Exclusive: Citizens United TV Ad Assails Sid Dinsdale for Vowing to Always Raise Debt

Exclusive: Citizens United TV Ad Assails Sid Dinsdale for Vowing to Always Raise Debt

Breitbart News has learned that the Citizens United Political Victory Fund is making another significant television buy in Nebraska on Saturday to assail liberal Republican Nebraska Senate candidate Sid Dinsdale’s vow to always raise the debt limit. 

As the debt clock ticks in the 30-second spot, the narrator says: 

Where does it stop? Reckless spending by Washington politicians – putting us more and more in debt. Facing a fiscal crisis, Sid Dinsdale says he’d always vote to raise the debt limit.

Dinsdale is then seen on video saying, “I would always vote to raise the debt limit.”

A voiceover then says: “And that means more wasteful spending for Obama’s liberal agenda. If you want to stop Washington debt… you need to stop Sid Dinsdale.”


Dinsdale is in second place days before the May 13 primary against establishment candidate Shane Osborn and conservative Ben Sasse, who has a slight lead in the race. Other conservative groups have called Dinsdale a “counterfeit conservative” who has donated thousands of dollars to liberal Democrats while declaring that pro-life causes are not worth fighting for as much as other issues.

Sasse, who has been endorsed by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT), and conservative talk radio host and scholar Mark Levin, rocketed to the head of the pack when he staunchly opposed Obamacare and blasted the Washington establishment for not fighting to defund the law fiercely enough last year. He is also backed by the Club for Growth, the Senate Conservatives Fund, the Madison Project, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), among others. 

After Sasse was falsely attacked as someone who did not oppose Obamacare, Citizens United Victory Fund blanketed Nebraska’s airwaves with an ad featuring Lee, the architect of the defund Obamacare strategy, defending Sasse’s conservatism and opposition to Obamacare.

“Don’t be fooled by false attacks against conservative Ben Sasse,” Lee says in the ad. “Ben Sasse has always opposed Obamacare. Period.” 

That ad was received so much buzz that Citizens United decided to pour more resources into that commercial as well leading up to the primary.


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