Grandmas Buying, Carrying Guns to Keep Grandchildren Safe

Grandmas Buying, Carrying Guns to Keep Grandchildren Safe

As concealed carry continues to grow in popularity, grandmothers are getting guns and concealed carry permits so they can protect themselves and their grandchildren.

According Fox 8 Cleveland, “More people than ever are now carrying guns,” and grandmas comprise “one of the fastest growing groups to get a firearm.”

Lake County’s Sharon Mather spoke about her granddaughter when she explained why she carries a gun: “[It is] not so much for me, but if I want to take my granddaughter to the park or out for a walk or anything, I felt I need something for protection. What if something happened and I could not protect her?”

Another grandmother told Fox 8 that “the world’s not safe anymore, and a gun is going to make [her] feel [safe].”

“The trend” toward grandmothers with guns is showing itself at gun ranges across Ohio. At “A Girl and A Gun”–a Painesville, Ohio, shooting range geared toward women–“the majority of people enrolled in [the] CCW class are women over the age of 50.”

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