Mitch McConnell Trashes Harry Reid; Previews Senate GOP Takeover

Mitch McConnell Trashes Harry Reid; Previews Senate GOP Takeover

During a speech at the American Enterprise Institute, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell trashed Sen. Harry Reid for his leadership in the Senate and hinted at what he would do should Republicans win the majority in the 2014 elections.

McConnell said that Reid had coalesced much of the power in the Senate – keeping even members of his own party from offering amendments.

McConnell insisted that under his leadership the Senate would “break away from the Reid era” and offer a more “freewheeling approach.”

But McConnell cautioned conservatives from having too many expectations should Republicans win the Senate, pointing out that it was unlikely that they would win a 60 vote majority in November.

He stated that unlike Reid, Republicans would work with Democrats to pass legislation and bring the Senate back to the 60 vote threshold.

McConnell refused to discuss what he planned to do about the precedent that Reid set, suggesting that it was a conversation he would have with his colleagues in December if Republicans won the majority. He did, however, signal that he would not use the nuclear option to pass legislation.

McConnell joked at the beginning of his speech that he was pleased that he won his primary against Matt Bevin.