Donald Trump: Obama's 'Lost His Mojo,' Doesn't Love Being POTUS Anymore

Donald Trump: Obama's 'Lost His Mojo,' Doesn't Love Being POTUS Anymore

Donald Trump thinks President Barack Obama “has lost his mojo” and does not really want to be in the White House anymore. 

In an appearance on Breitbart News Sunday, Trump said that was evident during Obama’s “terrible” and uninspiring speech last week to the cadets at West Point.

“He doesn’t love what he’s doing anymore. He’s exhausted. He’s tired. I don’t blame him for that,” Trump told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon. “He has lost whatever it is that he may have had to a certain extent. He’s lost the energy. He’s not the same. He’s not going on all 12 cylinders.”

Trump, who is working to revive the Old Post Office building in Washington, D.C. and the famed Turnberry golf course in Scotland, blasted countries for taking American jobs through currency manipulation and other shenanigans. He also wondered why Republicans were not talking about China and nations like Japan who refuse to take America’s food products while continuing to ship its cars to America. 

He also said that while Obama has been president, nations have “ripped and laughed at us” because “we don’t make good deals.” Trump added that he would love for Obama to be a great president but the truth is Obama has been a “disaster.”

“We need a great president. Such damage has been done to the whole psyche of the country,” Trump said. “I hate what is happening to the country.”


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