Conservative Group Blasts Eric Cantor for Amnesty Deception

Conservative Group Blasts Eric Cantor for Amnesty Deception

A conservative political action committee is calling out House Majority Eric Cantor (R-VA) for falsely claiming that he has been an anti-amnesty warrior trying to stop President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) amnesty agenda. 

Cantor has been sending many deceptive anti-amnesty mailers ahead of his June 10 primary against Dave Brat to cloud his position on amnesty for illegal immigrants, and the We Deserve Better PAC is trying to set the record straight with a 30-second spot that highlights Cantor’s desire to pass amnesty legislation before Tuesday’s primary. 

Those associated with the online spot have claimed it has been effective in dropping Cantor’s poll numbers, and the We Deserve Better PAC is asking for donations.

The ad accuses Cantor of supporting “more debt and government spending” and warns voters that “his next deal with Obama is worse — amnesty and citizenship for illegal immigrants.”

A narrator urges voters to “stop Eric Cantor’s liberal deal-making” and to “term-limit Eric Cantor and save the country from reckless spending and amnesty for illegals by voting for Dave Brat.”

As Breitbart News has reported, Cantor has not taken his primary for granted since his one of his top allies was ousted from a key GOP chairmanship in his district. His campaign website makes no mention of his past support for amnesty on his website, even though Cantor was one of the leaders behind the House GOP’s immigration principles in which they declared that one of the “founding principles of our country was that children would not be punished for the mistakes of their parents.” If that is indeed one of the “founding principles,” then Congress would essentially have to award perpetual amnesty to the children of illegal immigrants. 

Brat has tried to gain traction against Cantor on amnesty, and some of the stanchest anti-amnesty Republicans like Laura Ingraham, who has ceaselessly used her national radio platform to fight for American workers, have campaigned for Brat. Other anti-amnesty Republicans like Ann Coulter have also endorsed Brat.


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