Rush Limbaugh: Drop Illegals Off in D.C. Suburbs

Rush Limbaugh: Drop Illegals Off in D.C. Suburbs

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh knows what the federal government can do with all of the illegal immigrant children flooding across the border: drop them off in “Boomtown.”

On his Tuesday radio show, Limbaugh said since the Obama administration is not going to put these illegal immigrants on military jets back to their countries of origin, he had a better “idea.”

“Why not take all of these kids and drop them in all of these wealthy counties in Washington and the suburbs of D.C.?… Because that is where the new wealth in this country is,” Limbaugh said, noting that seven of the ten wealthiest counties are in the D.C. area.  

Breitbart Texas first reported that illegal immigrants flooding across the border are being warehoused in detention centers. Moreover, those that officials in Texas cannot handle are being sent to neighboring states like Arizona and Oklahoma. Three military bases have been forced to shelter illegal immigrants, and Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) has said the Obama administration’s actions threaten national security. Last weekend, the Obama administration sent over 1,000 illegal immigrants to Arizona and hundreds more to Oklahoma. 

“Let’s put ’em there. Let’s drop them there,” Limbaugh said of the D.C. region where pro-amnesty politicians, donors, and lobbyists live. “Let’s have the policymakers actually have to live with the results of their policy.” 

Limbaugh blasted the Obama administration for stashing illegal immigrants in military bases far from the D.C.’s and the public’s view. 

“Put ’em in their backyard,” Limbaugh said, suggesting that illegal immigrants be bussed to the D.C. suburbs. “Open the doors every other block.”

Critics of illegal immigration have often said executives and pro-amnesty politicians who want amnesty for cheap labor never have to face the negative consequences of illegal immigration. 

“The elites don’t have to compete for jobs,” Numbers USA’s Rosemary Jenks told Breitbart News last year. “They don’t have to send their kids to public schools. They don’t have to wait in the emergency rooms [of crowded hospitals]. They live in gated communities where crime is not a problem.”


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