Jan Brewer: MS-13 Gang Members Could Be Crossing Border with Children

Jan Brewer: MS-13 Gang Members Could Be Crossing Border with Children

The United States has deported some of the world’s most dangerous gang members back to Central America, and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer wants President Barack Obama’s administration to check if some of them are threatening national security by accompanying the illegal immigrant children who are flooding across the border.

In a letter to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) on Thursday that asked them to end this “intentional” and “unconscionable” crisis at the border, Brewer noted that by the “Obama administration’s own estimation, 230,000 unaccompanied alien minors are expected to cross through the Rio Grande Sector by the end of next year.” She wondered, if the Border Patrol is being overwhelmed, “what consideration is being given – and what is being done – to determine if any of these illegal aliens have criminal histories or gang affiliations.”

Brewer mentioned that “MS-13, one of the world’s most notorious international gangs, has strong ties to several of the Central American countries from which these aliens are arriving.”

“The administration’s refusal to properly verify that violent criminals are not among those entering the United States shows an alarming lack of concern for our homeland’s security,” she wrote. “As a nation, we cannot sit back and allow this policy to continue.

Brewer condemned the Obama administration in a letter last week for not informing Arizona officials before dumping illegal immigrants in the state and asked the Obama administration to end the “dangerous” policy. She also demanded answers to questions about who authorized the program. Brewer said the Obama administration has encouraged illegal immigrants to flood into the country, is ignoring pleas of help from state officials, and still has not provided answers to questions that local officials have regarding the influx of illegal immigrants.


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