Celebrating Freedom

Celebrating Freedom

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

This year marks 238 years since Thomas Jefferson drafted these immortal words. As is customary for me, I have been thinking a good deal leading up to this week about our Founding Fathers, their vision, and the sacrifices they made to forge this great nation.

I think our Founders would be particularly proud of the way liberty was upheld in the Supreme Court this past week and by how so many Americans today are looking to their vision as their guide to get our nation back on track. As much as I know their hearts would be breaking over how we have strayed from the principles they laid out for us, they would be heartened by the passion and fervor of those of us who seek to reinstate them.

As we all enjoy a day with loved ones celebrating our nation’s birth, let us never lose sight of the great lengths our Founders went to and what they risked in order to ensure the freedom of all the generations to follow. And let us use this day to re-energize ourselves as we head into the general election in November. In this election, we have the opportunity to more than just take back the Senate, but also to stop President Obama’s plan to slowly dismantle the freedoms we hold so dear dead in its tracks.

Let us all savor the day, the moments with those we care about, and let us be ever grateful to live in this great country. We must never forget it is not only our Founding Fathers we must be thankful for on our Independence Day, but those that served and continue to serve this great country at home and abroad. We truly are “the land of the free because of the brave.” For it is thanks to the men and women that fight day in and day out that America still stands as “The City upon a Hill.”

Just as our Founding Fathers risked it all for this great experiment we call America, our brave soldiers continue to risk it all in order to uphold our freedom and safety. Please take a moment this holiday to be grateful for all our brave soldiers do for our free country.

Happy Fourth, my fellow patriots. I wish you all a safe and happy holiday weekend.