Sarah Palin: Help Americans in Poverty Instead of Welcoming Illegals

Sarah Palin: Help Americans in Poverty Instead of Welcoming Illegals

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said America needed to take care of its citizens, especially those in poverty, before welcoming illegal immigrants like President Barack Obama has been doing.

In a recent video message on her SarahPalinChannel, Palin said there are American cities like Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Compton, and “Obama’s Chicago” that are impoverished and would be even more impacted by illegal immigration. Palin, who has always stood for America’s “forgotten man,” has emphasized that massive illegal immigration hurts American workers of all backgrounds and races, including legal immigrants.

“We need to help our fellow Americans move out of poverty before we can try to rescue the rest of the world,” Palin said. “Remember, charity starts at home. It’s about time our leaders in Congress understand that.”

Illegal immigrants have been flooding across the border after Obama unilaterally gave some DREAMers temporary amnesty and work permits in 2012, and Obama has threatened to grant more work permits and amnesty to millions of more illegal immigrants. In addition, residents from coast to coast have said that they do not have the resources to take care of illegal immigrant juveniles being dumped in their communities.

Palin said the “only response” to the border crisis “that is compassionate to everyone involved” is to send the illegal immigrant juveniles back home. Palin said doing so is the only way to discourage more illegal immigrants from making harrowing journeys where they can get raped, murdered, or exploited by cartels and smugglers. She suggested airing footage of illegal immigrant juveniles, 90% of whom are teenagers, being flown back in Central American countries to prevent more illegal immigrants from risking their lives by trying to illegally enter the United States.

Deterring more illegal immigration is not only compassionate to the juveniles, as Palin noted, but also to the “millions of working-class Americans who are struggling” to get by in Obama’s economy. 

Palin has called for Obama’s impeachment because of his lawlessness on illegal immigration, saying it was the “tipping point” because of the impact that it had on all American workers, including those who are legally trying to become Americans by not cutting in line and respecting the rule of law that has made America so exceptional.


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