In Iowa, Social Conservatives Cheer Tough Immigration Rhetoric

In Iowa, Social Conservatives Cheer Tough Immigration Rhetoric

AMES, IOWA – In the immigration debate since President Obama won re-election, amnesty proponents have pointed to Evangelical Christians as a key ally in securing a major bipartisan deal to bring citizenship to millions of illegal aliens.

But at the Family Leadership Summit, a major conference of social conservatives here, the audience wildly cheered political figures who championed stronger immigration policies.

Perry talked about the issue at length, pointing out that Obama was warned about the crisis over two years ago, but failed to address the crisis. He told stories that emphasized the human tragedy of the crisis, how one illegal immigrant killed a border agent while he was fishing with his family and other criminal illegal immigrants molested a young girl.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz warned that an estimated 145,000 illegal unaccompanied minors were expected to cross the border next year.

Cruz promoted his proposed legislation to end President Obama’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) order, that was passed by the House of Representatives.

Even Gov. Mike Huckabee had a tough message on illegal immigration, even though the former pastor frequently demonstrates his compassionate side.

Huckabee blasted Obama as a president “doesn’t believe there should be borders.”

Huckabee explained that as a person of faith, the illegal unaccompanied children should be treated kindly, but the rule of law should still apply.

Citing Matthew 22:21, Huckabee reminded the faithful that it was important to “render to Caesar what is Caesar’s” referring to the teaching of Jesus regarding civil responsibilities.

Iowa Representative and anti-amnesty crusader Steve King also addressed the crowd after having just achieved a major victory on the issue by forcing a House vote against President Obama’s executive order.


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