Bloomberg-Funded Gun Control Group 'Bankrolling' Nevada Gun Control Initiative

Bloomberg-Funded Gun Control Group 'Bankrolling' Nevada Gun Control Initiative

Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety is “bankrolling” a gun control initiative in Nevada that seeks to expand background checks for private firearm transfers, guns sold at gun shows, “or among friends and family.”

In other words, Bloomberg is bankrolling Everytown which, in turn, is bankrolling a ballot initiative to make private gun sales without a background check illegal in Nevada. 

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Everytown is joined by the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence’s Susan Meuschke. She said the purpose of doing away with unsupervised private gun sales is “about suicide and law enforcement and keeping guns away from dangerous folks.”

She is also on the defensive, as opponents of the push point out that a ban on private gun sales will require a gun registry if such a ban is to be enforceable. After all, how can the police know that Citizen A bought his .38 revolver from another citizen unless they have a list of every gun Citizens B, C, D, etc. could have sold to him?

Without a registry, neighbors will continue to sell to neighbors and co-workers to co-workers, just the way Americans have been doing since 1791.

Yet Meushke says this “isn’t about naming gun owners on a registry,” but saving lives.

Opponents of the push also say expanded background checks “won’t stop bad guys from getting guns.” Meushke allowed that point and indicated that if stopping bad guys from getting guns was the standard by which gun laws were measured, “then most of our laws would be done away with.”

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