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Chris Christie Refuses to Visit Border during Mexico Trip: 'This Is Silliness'

Chris Christie Refuses to Visit Border during Mexico Trip: 'This Is Silliness'

After refusing to commit to discussing immigration, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) mocked those who said he should visit the border when he travels to Mexico on Wednesday. 

“What would I do exactly? Like, you know, bring troops with me or something? I mean come on,” Christie said at a recent news conference before his three-day trip to Mexico with business executives who favor more open borders, reports

“This is silliness. If I went down there and looked at it, what steps am I supposed to take exactly? Send the New Jersey National Guard there?” he added.

Christie has been criticized as a lightweight on foreign policy issues, and his dismissive comments come at a time when, as Breitbart Texas has reported, ISIS is reportedly planning terrorist attacks across the border. In fact, “Federal agents across the entire U.S.-Mexico border have received the ISIS terror warning.”

In addition, the biggest public policy debate during the last two months has centered around illegal immigrant juveniles–90% of whom are teenagers–who have flooded across the border. Illegal immigration is now one of the top three most important issues to most Americans, according to nearly every national poll conducted since June. And the issue is impacting midterm races in states far from the border, like New Hampshire, since the federal government has released illegal immigrants into every state. 


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