ObamaCare: Healthcare.Gov Site Successfully Hacked In July

ObamaCare: Healthcare.Gov Site Successfully Hacked In July

The same federal government that wants to centralize and computerize healthcare, including your health records, got itself hacked back in July. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Healthcare.gov site, the central hub of the ObamaCare boondoggle, was broken into by a hacker who, thankfully, did not access anyone’s personal data.

If that news isn’t troubling enough, the Department of Health and Human Services only discovered the hack last week.

“There is no indication that any data was compromised at this time,” DHS spokesman S.Y. Lee said in a written statement. “DHS will continue to monitor the situation and help develop and implement precautionary mitigation strategies as necessary.”

As an insurance enrollment portal, HealthCare.gov stores deeply personal details on Americans, including Social Security numbers, financial data and names of family members. None of that appeared to gain the still unknown hacker’s interest, officials said.

Rather, investigators found that in July, the intruder did just one thing: install malware on a HealthCare.gov server so it could be used in future cyberattacks against other websites, federal officials said. Hackers often take over troves of computers and servers to direct mischief traffic at websites. The rush of traffic, known as a denial of service attack, overwhelms the site and knocks it offline.

During the ObamaCare rollout debacle, Congressional Republican repeatedly expressed their concerns over the potential for a Healthcare.gov hack. In return they were pilloried by the mainstream media as paranoid, and worse. This of course was the same media that refused to vet ObamaCare after it was passed but did find plenty of time to pillory Republicans who warned that ObamaCare would result in millions of people losing their insurance.

Eventually 6 million people lost their insurance.

Maybe if the media were less interested in protecting Obama from those mean old overreaching Republicans and more interested in holding the people in charge of our government accountable, the White House would feel the necessary pressure to be more proactive in these matters.

The next round of ObamaCare open enrollment begins November 15

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