Liberals Warn Obama: You Need Congress's OK

Liberals Warn Obama: You Need Congress's OK

Liberals on and off Capitol Hill are warning President Obama he must seek congressional authorization to engage in additional military action to combat ISIS. 

“Congress must weigh in when it comes to confronting ISIL through military action,” Reps. Keith Ellison (D-MN) and Raul Grijalva (D-NM) said in a joint statement. Ellison and Grijalva are the co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. 

“The voices of the American people must be heard during a full and robust debate in Congress on the use of military force. Speaker Boehner should put legislation authorizing military action on the floor of the House of Representatives before Congress leaves for the upcoming district work period,” the two added.

A liberal group founded by Howard Dean also told President Obama that additional military action to combat ISIS requires congressional approval.

“We remain deeply troubled by any plan for U.S. military engagement that has not been explicitly debated by the American people and voted on by Congress,” Neil Sroka, the spokesman for Democracy for America, said in a written statement.

Another liberal group said Obama’s plan is too militaristic.

“We agree with the president that there is no military solution to the problems posed by ISIS. And yet his proposed strategy relies far too heavily on the use of military force. It’s time to stop the bombing and escalation and use the other tools of U.S. foreign policy — working with allies in cutting off weapons, oil and funding streams for starters — which will be much more active in dealing with ISIS,” Kevin Martin, Peace Action’s executive director, said.



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